Treadles to Threads Honors Will and Kate Taylor

Posted By Vilija on December 31, 2009

Will and Kate Taylor have been in the “driver’s seat” of Treadles to Threads Spinners Guild for so many years, no one can remember the exact date they began! Under their guidance, the already active guild has explored quite a few new avenues of growth. Will and Kate helped establish a “yearly focus” in which we pick a topic and gear our meetings for the whole year towards that year’s focus. All members are eventually involved and we will continue this inspirational approach until we run out of ideas–never!

They have helped guide us toward being more of an outreach guild. Treadles participates in several community and school activities during the year. Will is always reminding us, “Where will tomorrow’s spinners and weavers come from if the young people are not exposed to it?”

Kate, who began with us as an amazing spinner and knitter, has [under duress] taken up weaving and has become an equally amazing weaver. There is nothing these two gracious people can’t do if they put their mind to it. They decided to take a break and retire from leading the group this year, but of course, continue to be active and give lots of support to Treadles.

Members Linnie Altman and Janet Russell came up with a grand plan to honor Will and Kate. Handspun, natural colored and hand dyed yarns were collected from every single member of the guild. Yarn was even donated from three past member’s families, members who had passed away in the last few years. Linnie and Janet wove up a beautiful afghan, which you can see below, to show our appreciation of all their hard work. ¬†After months of keeping it all a secret, we were finally able to present it to Will and Kate at Threadles’ annual Christmas party.

Will and Kate with their new handspun afghan

Will and Kate with their new handspun afghan