CNCH 2010 Scholarships Awarded

Posted By JAnderson on January 11, 2010

The Advisory Council is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2010 scholarships.  Scholarships were offered to one person from each of our five areas.  The scholarship is a non-need based award.  They are judged anonymously by at least three members of the Advisory Council.  This year the amount paid was either a workshop or basic class registration at CNCH 2010.  The winners are:

Area 1:  Tien Chiu, Blacksheep, Loom and Shuttle                                 

Area 2:  Karn Jorstad, Del Oro

Area 3:  Keena Golden, Spindles and Flyers

Area 4:  Valerie Wells, Mt Lassen

There was no applicant from Area 5.

Please consider applying next year.  The Advisory Council decided that no one can receive the scholarship if they have received one in the last five years in order to be able to offer it to as many members as possible.  Each year the Advisory Coucil determines  how many scholarships will be offered as the funds neccesary come from specific fund raisers at Conferences, ie, CNCH 2009 held the bag raffle as their contribution to the fund.  Congratulations to all recipients.