Country Weavers’ Spring Housecleaning

Posted By Midge Dier on April 5, 2010

Country Weavers Guild began their spring housecleaning in January.  That first meeting is traditionally one where we bring our “White Elephants” to share.  These include yarns, equipment, magazines, baskets; anything relating to fibers.  Members may take home any of the “elephants” that they see.  This isn’t a fund raiser, just a housecleaning.  No one needs to pay, because we are just happy that someone else wants what we once treasured.

For our February meeting, we concentrated on creative ways to use thrums.  We shared ideas and watched Handwoven’s video about thrums.  Ideas ranged from cat toys to small weavings, postcards to dolls; and we shared thrums and yarn samples.   One of Handwoven’s ideas included a large, decorative jar to hold thrums and show a visual record of recent projects.

In March we had a project that used up balls of leftover yarns.  Everyone brought at least 70 lengths of yarns, cut 36″ or less.  These were all stretched across a table, and we then started selecting yarns and tying them end to end.  As we tied, we rolled the yarns into a ball.  Each of us ended up with an exciting designer yarn.  Now we are looking forward to seeing what each one will create with her fancy yarn.

These projects have cleared out some of our leftovers and helped us get ready for Conference and shopping for new treasures.