Busy Season for Fresno Weavers and Spinners

Posted By JMacht on September 12, 2010

Fresno Weavers and Spinners will once again, year 20, present at the largest Civil War Re-enactment West of the Mississippi.  The event is held at Kearney Park, just west of Fresno, annually every fall, usually in October but the actual event date is variable.

We have spinning, weaving, bobbin-lace, basketry, needle felting, knitting, crocheting, hair-pin lace and more.  We dress in period costume (although we are not costume snobs) as long as you appear somewhat appropriate.  Many of our members bring the whole family along so it is really a wonderful guild family gathering.  It is a wonderful weekend spent with our family and our community.  I invite you to join us, if you are so inclined, October 2nd and 3rd of 2010.

Our guild is also active at the Big Fresno Fair, which begins on the first Wednesday of October and runs for 10 days.  We have a booth in the Home Arts Building, and have been doing so for so long I don’t remember when it actually started.  With a very small guild and every member busy with work and so on we have been asking the local knitting guild, Sheeper Therapy,the local fiber guild, Fresno FiberArts, and the local rug hookers, Central California Traditional Rug Hookers to join us in manning the booth.  We attempt to keep it busy throughout the fair, although we often fall short.  So if you would like to spend a day at the Big Fresno Fair, let us know and we will include you on our list (garnering you free fair entry and free parking if you arrive at a time free parking is available).

Juli Macht, an interested FWS member of long standing