2011 Conference Scholarships

Posted By JAnderson on November 17, 2010

The CNCH Advisory Council is pleased to announce the scholarship winners for the 2011 Conference.  There were 15 applicants from the five areas.   The award is $285 each for the registration for the conference.  The award is not need based.  Judges look at community involvement, personal goals, give back to the guild of what is  learned at the confernce as well as enthusiasm.  The judging is done anonymously. The winners and their guild are:

Area 1:  Lotus Baker, Fiber Artisans

Area 2:  Wendy Brown, Del Oro

Area 3:  Valborg Thomas, Golden Gate

Area 4:  Arlene Poma, Sacramento Weavers and Spinners

Area 5:  Connie Anderholm, Humboldt

Funds for the scholarships are raised at the conferences.  Each year the Advisory Council decides how many scholarships will be awarded as determined by the amount raised through the conferences.  CHCH 2011 has a frog contest to raise funds for future scholarships.  Information is available at CNCH.org, go to 2011.  Please support the scholarship fund through the frog event.