Jennifer Moore Workshop – for Weavers and Fiber Artists

Posted By SWoodhead on January 29, 2011

The Reno Fiber Arts Guild is hosting a 3-day workshop by Jennifer Moore – Mathemagical Design – From Fibonacci to Fractals, May, 2011.   (openings available)

Have you ever been interested in exploring Geometric Design, The Golden Proportion, The Fibonacci Series, Symmetries and Tessellations, and Fractal Design?  Have you ever wanted to work with these wonderful tools for visual design, but been scared off by the lack of drawing or math skills?  This workshop is for YOU! 

 In this workshop, Jennifer Moore, a well known weaver, teacher, and author, will take us on a visual approach to working with geometric design, symmetry movements, tessellations, fractals and harmonious proportions including the Fibonacci series.  Through a series of fun exercises using drawing, coloring, rubber stamps, and paper cutouts you will create a toolbox of skills to use in creating your own harmonious designs. 

For additional information please contact me as there are a few opening that we’d love to fill! 

Suzanne Woodhead:  (

Date:  Friday thru Sunday, May 6-8, 2011

Location:  Reno, Nevada

Equipment:  NO LOOMS – Classroom Workshop! 

For more information about Jennifer and to visit her on-line gallery, the website is: