Volunteer Pay

Posted By Penny Peters on March 9, 2011

Every once in awhile I am reminded why I volunteer.  Yesterday was one of those days.  Kris Peerand and I, your intrepid ”webteam”, traveled to Santa Rosa with the express purpose to do some picture gathering to enhance the banner of this web site.  We met with Linda Cannefax, Ina Stess, and Nancy Duncan at Linda’s studio.  We enjoyed the weavers, the weaving, the converstion and the studio. 
Linda’s welcoming personality is everywhere evident, even in the entrance in a winter garden, and all of it touched by whimsy.

going to the studio

Gateway to Studio

going to the studio

Once inside…

A silk purse from a sow's ear

Altar to Success

Linda's neutral!

Five of us in the studio meant a bit of  manouevering as we worked to get the best lighting (never did!) , secure the neutral background, and generally get to know each other (the best part).   The pictures were taken, the studio returned to almost normal and we were off to lunch, where the talk centered on all things weaving (work practices, guilds, yarn, etc.).   Thanks Linda and Ina and Nancy for a lovely day!


Ina, Nancy and Linda

Addendum:  Kris and I hope that others will share their experiences in this blog format, be it a great guild meeting or a particular successful workshop or perhaps a get together  where weaving or spinning or dyeing or whatever fiber experience was the centerpiece.