Robyn Spady Workshop – Extreme Warp Makeover on 4 Shafts!

Posted By SWoodhead on August 2, 2011

The Reno Fiber Arts Guild is starting their Fall season by hosting a 3-day workshop with Robyn Spady – Extreme Warp Makeover, October, 2011.  (Openings available)

Do you love to weave but the thought and/or chore of warping your loom holds you back?   Then…what about obtaining more weaving versatility from a single warp?  Just how many structures can one weave from one threading?

In this Extreme Warp Makeover workshop, participants will warp their looms (4 shaft) with their choice of one of three four-shaft threadings and perform an extreme makeover, and weave it many different ways…from twill, lace and overshot to swivel, corduroy, deflected weft, and double-faced.  At the same time, participants are presented with the basics of different structures and how to adapt a single threading to weave a number of different weaves, including concepts such as star vs. rose fashion, weaving on opposites, and echo treadling.

For additional information, please contact me (  as we have several openings that we’d love to fill!

Date:  Friday thru Sunday, October 7-9, 2011

Level:  Beginner to Advanced

Location:  Reno, Nevada

Equipment:  4 shaft loom

For more information about Robyn, please visit her website: