Basketry teacher slated for CNCH 2012

Posted By DLaVallee on September 6, 2011

Kay Harradine will be teaching basketry at CNCH 2012 in May!

Kay Harradine has been weaving for nearly twenty-five years and has been a serious student of basketry during that time, pursuing both contemporary and indigenous forms of the craft. She specializes in working with plant fibers harvested responsibly from forest, wetlands and her garden

In her own words: “Basket weaving blends many of my interests including textiles, handwork, and ethnobotany, never tiring of the variety and always discovering new techniques and skills to practice and master.  I appreciate the lore, handed down orally and by patient demonstration.  I marvel at the centuries of problem-solving, distilled into such elegant solutions, using such rude and simple materials.  When I gather plant fibers in a responsible manner from forest, wetlands, desert and garden it ties me to the land and to the seasons.”

See some of Kay’s work at: