Fashion Show Commentator for CNCH 2012 Announced!

Posted By DLaVallee on September 20, 2011

The commentator for the CNCH 2012 Fashion show has been named:

Nancy Brown of Nancy Brown Quilts. Nancy’s web site is  Here is Carol de Boer’s (member of the fashion show committee) description of her:

“Nancy lives in Oakland and is a very well known quilt artist and teacher.  Nancy is best known for her amazing, award winning, hand-appliquéd animal portraits. Her quilts are exhibited around the country and have been pictured in many magazines and books. Some of her quilts are in private and corporate collections. She has been making quilts for about twenty-five years after her mother took a quilting class. Nancy’s artistic direction was inspired by childhood outings to the zoo and her love of animals. Her pieces speak to her commitment to celebrating and preserving animals for future generations to witness. Aside from the wild animal quilts, the other three categories celebrate pets, her interpretation of the album quilts and family quilts based on old photos. In addition, Nancy is an inspired teacher.

One of Nancy Brown's quilts

However, nothing I have described captures her unique vision, the sensitivity to her subjects, the artistry and the twinkling sense of humor in her pieces. The lady has something to say and she does it eloquently. When I asked her if she would be our fashion show commentator, her comment was in essence, would it be ok with us that she isn’t a weaver or garment sewer and that her friends don’t think much of her ‘fashion sense’.  As a fiber artist, she is true to her personal creative vision and her work expresses our theme of Tradition and Innovation. I think she is great fit for us.”