E-Textiles and Rigid Heddle Weaving with Syne Mitchell!

Posted By DLaVallee on November 15, 2011

Syne Mitchell is the creator of WeaveZine.com and the host of WeaveCast – a podcast for weavers. She loves sharing her passion for weaving with others and has taught all over the country.  Her current focuses are creating garments and innovative fabrics with rigid heddle looms, and using eTextile technologies.

She will be sharing her passion for textiles with us at CNCH 2012.  She will be teaching a class in beginning rigid heddle weaving all day Saturday, May 19.  This is a wonderful chance to get your knitting friends to learn how to weave – or that friend who always admires your scarves, but doesn’t believe that they, too, could weave.  Syne’s class is perfect for that person (or for you if you are primarily a spinner or basket maker!) This will be a fun and inspiring introduction to weaving.

And for those more experienced with the loom – Syne is teaching a class on Sunday, May 20 about e-Textiles which will show you how to bring your weaving or knitting into the 21st century! In her class students will be given an overview of eTextiles: how to add lights, temperature sensors, motion sensors, buzzers, and more to their garments. The class will look at and discuss the Lilypad Arduino circuit board, and then students will apply these principals to create  their own eTextile garment, either a knitted hat or a woven scarf. Students should bring: A project in progress, either a knit in the round piece, or a plain weave project.

See the conference information on this site for full class descriptions and registration details.