Weave Your Best and Enter Your Pieces in the Shows!

Posted By DLaVallee on January 17, 2012

An explanation of the jurying process for the Gallery and Fashion Shows at CNCH 2012:

The purpose of judging by jury is to enhance the quality of the work being done by the individuals and groups, and to provide exhibitors with an evaluation by impartial experts which might otherwise be unavailable within guilds. Items submitted to be judged for awards shall have been designed and created by the exhibitor. Only work not previously shown at a CNCH conference may be submitted for judging. All entrants must be members of CNCH, Inc., Guilds or affiliate groups such as ANWG or a Southern California weaving, spinning or basketry guild.

The Standing Rules of CNCH, Inc. stipulate the following criteria for a judge’s scoring for awards:
Craftsmanship [including technique]
Aesthetic use of color
Suitable use of material
Creative expression

A work submitted for judging shall be scored for each of the criteria.

Ribbons are then awarded according to a point range determined by the Jury Chair. Blue ribbons are awarded for “Outstanding” individual work as indicated by the highest judging totals. White ribbons are awarded for “Meritorious” individual work as indicated by the next highest point range. Other ribbons or awards can be awarded at the discretion of the Annual Conference Jury Chair.

In other words, the piece is judged against itself, not against other pieces and multiple outstanding and meritorious ribbons may be awarded. So, don’t be intimidated by more experienced weavers, just weave your best and enter it proudly!

Remember:  Entry forms for the gallery shows must be received by April 1, 2012!  Fashion Show entry forms must be received by March 31, 2012!

Anyone who is a member of a CNCH guild may enter items in the Gallery shows.  If a conference registrant is not a member of CNCH or affiliate groups, an additional fee of $30 will be added and they will become a member of CNCH.