Volunteering has its Rewards at CNCH 2012!

Posted By DLaVallee on March 6, 2012

Sign up now to be a part of the team that makes CNCH 2012 a success!

CNCH is a volunteer organization and all conferences are run entirely by volunteers! Many of you have expressed interest in volunteering at the conference – this is your opportunity!

Volunteers who work for 2 hours will receive a day pass to the conference as thanks.

Look at the opportunities listed at this site to find the perfect time and job for helping out.  Plan to volunteer around your conference class schedule, as a way to get a day pass, or just to do your part toward putting on conferences like this one! We thank you in advance for your willingness to help out.


If you are interested in volunteering for any of the jobs listed at http://www.cnch.org/conferences/2012-oakland/volunteers, send an email to CNCH2012Volunteer indicating what you are interested in doing. Please include your Guild affiliation so that we can give credit to your guild for your willingness to help out! We will respond, letting you know that you have been listed for the job you requested and we will indicate on the chart that the job is filled by listing only your initials and your Guild name.

The list of volunteer opportunities is a work in progress!  If you don’t see the exact job you want, check back. Some categories have not been listed yet and others may change. Or email the volunteer coordinators to volunteer your special skill – they’ll find out if the conference has a need and make the connections for you!