Donate to the Sample Service!

Posted By DLaVallee on March 13, 2012

For over 25 years, The Sample Service Sale has had a booth at CNCH conferences. It was started by Helen Pope.  We will carry on her great tradition at CNCH 2012.  Weavers can purchase samples and instructions for all kinds of weaving for a nominal fee and the proceeds from this sale benefit CNCH.

Volunteers make this sale a continued great success.  Just weave 3 to 10 identical samples roughly 4” x 5” ” in size.  Obvious exceptions are braids and inkle or card woven bands.  Putting on a little extra warp is the perfect way to participate with practically no extra effort.  Remnants from a project are fine.  Enclose a sheet of clearly written instructions including weave draft, materials, sett, finishing, proposed use and your name.  The Sample Service Committee will make enough photocopies to accompany each sample.  They will even cut the samples for you.  Please send your samples and instructions by May 1, 2012 to Sue Fandel, 67 Harper Street, San Francisco 94131.  You may contact Sue at (415) 641-9239 or at seesuerun2004 at yahoo dot com.

At the booth in the vendor area at CNCH 2012 you may choose and buy samples from other weavers – one or many for a small fee.  Samples from previous years will also be for sale!

A set of samples from each year’s booth is available for loan from the Library for no more than the cost of return shipping. The Sample Service has been re-done, all new binders and archival plastic sheet protectors. These sample notebooks circulate nationwide and are the most requested books in the entire textile library.  Individuals or guilds can arrange for the loan of these books by contacting Sue at the above addresses.

The success of the Sample Service depends on individuals donating samples of their weaving – this year’s or items from previous years, just send your extra bits off to Sue with draft and other data!  Then be sure to stop by the Sample Service Booth to buy some samples in Oakland in May!