Gallery Show Entry Deadlines are Approaching!

Posted By DLaVallee on March 20, 2012

ENTRY FORM DEADLINE IS Received by MONDAY, APRIL 2, 2012 for all but the Return to Sender Galleries

There are six different galleries:

  1. Baskets, Vessels, and Sculptures gallery
  2. Tradition & Innovation gallery for home décor items (e.g. placemats, wall hangings) & fashion items that are not being shown in the Fashion Show (e.g neckware, garments, accessories).
  3. Fashion Show gallery where items in the Fashion Show will be exhibited after the Friday night show.
  4. Yardage gallery for cloth not yet fashioned into garments or home décor items.
  5. Teachers  gallery
  6. Return to Sender and Return of Return to Sender gallery

Which gallery entry form do I use?

There are four entry forms:

  1. The Tradition/Innovation: Galleries Entry Form is used not only for the Tradition & Innovation gallery (see #2 above for gallery items), but also for  the Basket, Vessel & Sculpture gallery (#1 above).
  2. The Tradition/Innovation Fashion Show Entry Form (#3 above) is only for items exhibited in the Friday night fashion show.  If an item is NOT exhibited in the show, the general Galleries Entry Form should be used instead.
  3. The Tradition/Innovation: Yardage Gallery Entry Form is used for all yardage.
  4. The Return to Sender and Return of Return to Sender forms. Return of Return to sender entry deadline is April 15, Return to Sender deadline is April 30

You can enter a maximum of three items on each entry form.

Click here to go to the galleries information page and to download entry forms.

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