Parking Deal for Conference

Posted By Web Manager on April 10, 2012

It’s $15 a day, not $24. I’ve just updated the website with the details about our parking deal for conference. You can read all about it there, or read all about it here.

Parking will be available at the reduced rate of $15 a day. (That’s down from the current daily rate of $24.) The way that’ll work is that conference goers will be given vouchers for the reduced rate. Registrants will receive parking vouchers when they check in on-site, day visitors will receive vouchers when they pay for their daily admission. Payment for parking is made upon departure from the garage, and will be at the $15 rate with presentation of the voucher.

  1. Parking rate is $15 inclusive.
  2. No In & Out privilege.
  3. Discounted vouchers will be available at conference check-in.
  4. Pay at gate upon departure. If you’re staying at the hotel, you cannot charge parking to your room.