TEXTILE * GAMES – Timed Shuttle Race and Coucours d’Elegance

Posted By Web Manager on December 5, 2012

Did you check “Shuttle Race” on your entry form when you sent it in and have you found the time to dig around in your weaving studio to find an old shuttle to modify?  Maybe your guild wants to sponsor an entry and they are looking for  shuttle customization ideas. I found a couple of web sites that may help you get started on your quest for designing a gold metal entry.  Before you start your modifications, be sure to check out the Pinewood Derby Car Specifications in your registration booklet so that you have a shuttle with the correct specs. (You can also read the details at the CNCH program booklet site – click on Intro, Lodging and Events)


Visit the 2013 TEXTILE * GAMES conference page for more information.