TEXTILE * GAMES — What Do You Have

Posted By Web Manager on March 6, 2013

stephenie4Are you hesitant to start winding a warp because you fear you will run out of hand spun yarn before you complete the process?  What about weft?  How much are you going to need to weave the complete project? These questions keep a lot of us from using up that stash of hand spun yarns in our weaving projects. A cone or purchased skein of commercial yarn usually spells out how many yards per pound you have and weavers rely on that information when they are gearing up for a project.    Stephenie Gaustad is just the person to get you out of your corner of uncertainly and will teach you how to make weaving sense from what you have spun.   So bring a couple of bobbins of yarn and project ideas to the “What Do I Have” class and let Stephenie’s expertise guide you through the process.