Sheila O’Hara workshop – September 21 – 23

Posted By Web Manager on August 30, 2013

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Turning over a New Leaf – or Petal!
Enjoy three days of learning with Sheila O’Hara
September 21 – 23, 2013

Get hands-on weaving experience in the unique multiple warp weave structure that Sheila O’Hara has developed. Students will create an 8 shaft reversible scarf on table looms they will bring pre-warped to class. 8 and 16 shaft drafts will be covered in this informative and entertaining workshop. See Handwoven Sept/Oct 2002 pp 24-27 for example of a double-faced twill scarf. Sheila will show how to incorporate optional pick up as added design elements.

Class level: Intermediate

Student Supplies: An 8 shaft table loom – Not a floor loom, pre-warped as per instructions to be sent to students before the class. A floor loom is not recommended because of the limitation of the number of pedals that is not a limit on table looms. Sometimes a student will devise a mechanism with dowels or flat sticks to create more sheds manually. Some have brought weighted boots to act as extra feet using a direct tie-up. Warp and weft yarns, pencil, eraser, white-out, scissors, tape measure, shuttles, ruler, four felt pens (red, yellow, blue, black), colored pencils, 10 or 8 squares per inch graph paper (5 sheets each 8×10″). Samples of their work. Students have used 10/2 or 5/2 cotton for warp.

$7 materials fee

This is an incredible deal – $100 for SWSG guild members and $135 for non-members (includes guild membership). For three days! Class size is limited to 12 students, so reserve your spot quickly! Contact Betsy Gribble, or 916-212-7538.

Location: Meridian Jacobs Farm