Sacramento Weavers’ & Spinners’ Guild

Posted By NinaRy on September 5, 2013




“New World Technology Meets Old World Textiles in Egypt and Italy,” is the title of the morning presentation by Sheila O’Hara. In Egypt, Sheila analyzed antique jacquard ribbons and weaving prototypes. She will talk about her adventures in Egypt and explain the various processes involved in the creation of these wonderfully intricate textiles. While at a Symposium at the Lisio foundation in Florence, Italy, Sheila was able to observe steps taken to preserve the weaving techniques for antique textiles. Sheila will share her experiences, images from the workshop as well as a few travel shots.

The title of the afternoon program is, “Loom with a view – The Weavings of Sheila O’Hara from Dobby to Jacquard.” Using complex weaves, Sheila has created one of a kind tapestries on her 16 shaft dobby loom and, more recently, jacquard looms. This entertaining and informative slide lecture will cover design, inspiration and commissions.
Tuesday, September 24, 2013, 10am – 2pm, Shepard Garden and Arts Center, 3330 McKinley Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95816. $3.00 donation appreciated. For information, call 916 508-8984.