CNCH2014 Interpreting Design for Tapestry (Revised Description)

Posted By NLAndres on November 4, 2013

Three-Hour Class Friday 1-4 and repeated Saturday 9-12 Tricia Goldberg Interpreting Designs for Tapestry Choosing colors, patterns, and techniques This class will be in two parts. The first hour will be a presentation. The remaining two hours will include looking at woven samples, watching as I demonstrate specific techniques, and trying these techniques on the … » Read the Rest » …

CNCH 2014 Class Status Updates!

Posted By GynnaB on November 2, 2013

Thank you everyone for registering! We have some full classes already! FULL CLASSES: Contemporary Cut Pile Rug- Sara Lamb Exploring Weave Structures on a Single Warp – Robyn Spady Woven Tubular Bands – Laverne Waddington Bind off Techniques – Harry Wells Appalachian “Gods Eye” Ribbed Egg Basket – Tracy Shapiro Productive Spinning – Stephanie Gausted … » Read the Rest » …

CNCH 2014 Registration Now Open

Posted By Web Manager on November 1, 2013

Registration for the CNCH 2014 Conference is now open. *   Register Here   View full conference site here. View class schedule here. *If you processed your registration online early (prior to 9am November 1), please be aware that your information was submitted to a test database and must be re-entered.

CNCH 2014 Marriott Convention Center Reservations

Posted By NLAndres on November 1, 2013

CNCH 2014 Marriott Convention Center Reservations

What to Expect at RegOnline ….. Live at 9am

Posted By NLAndres on November 1, 2013

CNCH 2014 registration using RegOnline starts by asked for your email address as its main reference.  If you have registered before for a conference via RegOnline, your contact information may still be available but you will need the password used before.  There is a link to recover it.  Otherwise click on “Start a New Registration.” … » Read the Rest » …