What to Expect at RegOnline ….. Live at 9am

Posted By NLAndres on November 1, 2013

CNCH 2014 registration using RegOnline starts by asked for your email address as its main reference.  If you have registered before for a conference via RegOnline, your contact information may still be available but you will need the password used before.  There is a link to recover it.  Otherwise click on “Start a New Registration.”

You will also choose how many hours of classes you desire.  This info is used to provide available classes on subsequent web pages.

Click CONTINUE at the bottom of each page.

Next page is contact information, banquet preference for you (guest meals on on subsequent pages), volunteer or special needs info as well as a password for accessing records on the RegOnline system.  Look for the password rules just below where is it entered.  There is a drop down menu for your guild affiliation.  If you are not a CNCH member, $40 will be added to your registration fee.

The next webpage will have a list of the classes starting with Friday and with the longer classes first.  The system is set up so that you cannot register for overlapping class times.

The following page allows for additional tickets to the fashion show or banquet/keynote events and there is a donation field as well.

Next will be where you choose your payment method.  You can pay via credit card which is processed by RegOnline, or via paypal with a slightly lower fee for CNCH2014 or by sending in a check to the Treasurer which is the most cost effective method for CNCH2014.

Finally you will be given a summary of your registration and a way to print a copy for your records.  If you wish to make changes at a future date, you can use your email and password to return to your registration data.

Payment Instructions

CHECK MUST ARRIVED WITHIN 10 DAYS TO TREASURER to avoid nullifying registration.

Send to:
CNCH2014 Treasurer
1918 Benton Lane
Novato, CA     94945

PAYPAL accepted
All major credit cards accepted