CNCH2014 Interpreting Design for Tapestry (Revised Description)

Posted By NLAndres on November 4, 2013

Three-Hour Class Friday 1-4 and repeated Saturday 9-12

Tricia Goldberg

Interpreting Designs for Tapestry
Choosing colors, patterns, and techniques

This class will be in two parts. The first hour will be a presentation. The remaining two hours will include looking at woven samples, watching as I demonstrate specific techniques, and trying these techniques on the looms.

I will use a PowerPoint presentation and have tapestries to use as examples of my work. For the presentation I will include samples of my work showing the design process, including photographs, drawings, yarn samples and tapestries. I will explain the steps from the beginning idea and inspiration, steps to refine the design, and how I chose to work in a certain way for an individual piece.

I will also include examples from other artists who design and weave their own work. I will examine these finished works and choices the artists made.

I will allow time for questions and comments during and after the presentation.

For the second part of the class I will have four small looms set up so students can see these techniques being woven. I will demonstrate and instruct students so they can also try them.

This class is open to all levels. Bring a notebook, and if you would like, a camera.

Maximum participants: 16