Creating Drape in Handwoven Fabrics

Posted By Ann McDonough on June 9, 2014


Black Sheep Handweavers Guild is sponsoring a 2 day workshop on “Creating Drape in Handwoven Fabrics” with Teresa Ruch in August.

The purpose of this workshop is to understand how drape can be created in a handwoven fabric. It is a combination of fiber characteristics, yarn twist, the sett (ends per inch), the weave structure or the number of intersections of yarn per inch and the finish of the fabric. All of the factors contribute to the drape of the fabric.

Each of the participants will be given a painted/dyed warp ahead of time to warp their looms at a specific sett. This warp will be of either bamboo, 5/2 tencel, 10/2 tencel or a combination of one strand of bamboo and one of 5/2 tencel. You will work on your own loom and you will do a set number of samples on your warp this will be compared with a partners warp. I will bring the wefts for you to use. Two sets of samples will be woven; one to be left as is and the other to be wet finished so you can see the change in the hand and drape. There should be enough left of the warp to weave a short scarf, 55 to 60 inches. Discussion will include the weight, drape and possible end use of each sample and why it would better for certain garments over another type.
Individuals should be able to warp a loom and read a draft.

Instructor: Teresa Ruch
Material Fee: $95 includes handpainted 6 yd warp, various weft yarns, and handouts.

When: Saturday, August 2nd and Sunday, August 3rd 2014
Where: Amazing Yarns, Emerald Hills, Redwood City
Cost: Approximately $120/person plus material fee (final cost based on number of attendees);
Non-guild members will be charged $30 membership fee.

For more information or to register: Barbara O’Connor, barbara_oconnor at earthlink dot net or 650 592-2435