CNCH 2015 Grant Winners

Posted By JAnderson on March 23, 2015

The CNCH Advisory Council is pleased to announce the CNCH 2015 awardees:

Area 1: Fawn Mackey

Area 2: Cathy Koos Breazel

Area 3: Carol Gray

Area 4: Sharlett Elms

Area 5: Barbara Thornburg

The award for each of the winners is free registration to CNCH 2015.  The monies for these awards comes from fundraisers held at the conferences.  You are encouraged to make something for this year’s fundraiser to be raffled at Asilomar.  Please go to their web site on the left to see what is required.  These grants are not need based.  Applications are due in the fall once the conference is announced.

Congratulations to the winners!