Posted By Vilija on July 23, 2015


a handwoven dress from Daryl’s collection

sponsored by Diablo Weavers
Nov. 8 [Sunday] – Nov.12 [Thursday] 2015
10 am to 4 pm each day, Clayton [east of Walnut Creek]

Wrap your body in clothing from your own hands.

This is a terrific class for those wanting to learn to fit and sew clothing from their handwoven, hand printed, dyed, quilted, felted or other special fabric, as well as for those more experienced students wanting polished and professional results. Participants will learn to custom fit commercial patterns, [that they choose and bring with them], to themselves while learning all sorts of inspiring techniques to make their garments reflect their creativity. There should be time to make several muslins in the 5 days. This class is designed to teach creativity as well as technique.

Participants do have the option to create the “Daryl Jacket” rather than work on patterns. For this you would bring handwoven fabric and Daryl will help  to custom fit this unstructured jacket pattern to you, and then oversee construction.

Everyone will need to bring a sewing machine.

Cost for 5 days:  $325.  There are 5 more possible openings in this class. Please email vilijad@me.com for more info.