Tapestry Weaving – Alex Friedman

Posted By Jolyn O'Hare on October 12, 2015

Dreaming of Green, 61″ x 53″

Alex Friedman has maintained a weaving studio for over 40 years wherever she has lived: Hartford, Connecticut, London, England and now Sausalito, California. Being able to create something beautiful from colored yarn and a spool of cotton warp is magical and is the perfect expression of her artistic passions.

Her earliest interests were in the architectural aspects of the medium: the structural imagery and the way that light plays across the surface both illusory and real. The rich colors and dynamic lines share design features with architecture, not to mention the same construction demands of building a tapestry from the foundation upwards.

More recently, Alex’s tapestries have moved away from hyper-realistic imagery to explore the true element of the tapestry “cloth.” The unique aspect of tapestry as an art form is its ‘textileness’ that is a broad avenue she has just begun to explore using tension, eccentric weft and other less traditional techniques.

Alex has executed many commissions: corporate, private and liturgical, and exhibited internationally. Alex is active in many Bay Area based fiber organizations and continues to promote tapestry weaving through lectures, workshops and exhibitions.  She has served as the President and Co-Director of the American Tapestry Alliance, and currently serves on the board of the Textile Arts Council at the de Young Museum.

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