July 28 to September 3, 2017 International Fiber Arts VIII Sepastopol, CA (1 1/2 hours north of San Francisco)

Posted By Wendy Bertrand on August 1, 2017

This fabulous MUST SEE show by the Center for the Arts, Sebastopol in collaboration with the Surface Design Association includes about 17 woven pieces of the 80 works selected from 500 entries, two come from San Francisco’s Loom & Shuttle Guild: Deborah Corsini and Wendy Bertrand.

International Fiber Arts 8 Promo   (pdf via my website with all workshops and lectures)


Internation Fiber Arts 8 Promo


_Corsini_Fire Water                   Artist Wendy Bertrand with Loom and Shuttle guild members at the International Fiber Arts Exhibit Sebastopol

Fire/Water by Deborah Corsini                             Wendy Bertrand with City Life
Photo from Artist                                                                               photo by Diane Chehab

2016                                                                    62″ X 42″  Hand spun and commercial wool

46″ x 34″                                                                Marlene Golden and Barbara Nitzberg,
wool, silk with cotton warp                                     Loom & Shuttle members view show

This exciting show also brings workshops and lectures during August. Check out the pdf  shown above and attached. For example, on Saturday August 19 at 3pm Handweaving in the Computer Age by Sheila O”Hara.