The future of CNCH: Connecting & Communicating

Posted By Web Manager on October 20, 2017

You’re a member of your guild. Your guild is a member of CNCH. Therefore, you have a direct link to literally hundreds of like-minded fiber folks throughout northern California and Nevada! In light of that, the CNCH Advisory Council is ready to launch some new programs if your guild is interested in joining in!

We would like you to take these ideas for making CNCH more interactive in the future to your membership. See if they’re as enthusiastic about these initiatives as we are! And email your feedback and suggestions to the coordinator, Joan Near, at We’ll discuss and vote on these ideas at the next Liaison meeting.

Inter-group Study Groups

CNCH would create a central coordinator who can help you create a study group! In this age of easy communications, geography is no longer an issue, and you can enjoy in-depth learning and swatch-sharing with a host of new email friends through CNCH! To find out the details of this new program, please refer to the “media” links for documents called Study Group Guidelines & Cover letter.

So-called email study groups have proven very popular in other organizations such as Complex Weavers and HGA. There’s no cost except swatch- sharing postage! And each independent group makes up its own timelines and parameters. A coordinator is chosen from within the group to oversee its progress, and connecting over the internet makes everything easy. A lot of fun & learning!

Program Sharing

If you’ve ever been in charge of Programs for your guild, you know what a tough job this can be! Let’s all make it easier on ourselves by sharing information! With a central CNCH coordinator, it would be easy to email your program schedule, and the schedules of all the other guilds will be easily available on the CNCH website for your information. This is a win-win situation! It takes little effort to post a list, and the reward is a wealth of program ideas. And a sigh of relief from your harried program person.

Knowledgeable Members List

Here’s another way we can all help each other out! If you have guild members who are willing to put on a presentation for other guilds, we would have a place to list them! You might have a geographical limit that you’re unwilling to go beyond, or you might insist on being paid, or have other restrictions. These are all addressed on your entry form, which of course can be changed or removed from the list at any time. A great chance to share your passion! Amateur and professional guild members would all be welcome on this list. Please refer to the “media” link called “Presentation Form.”

Area Gatherings

CNCH is comprised of five areas, within which are several guilds grouped geographically, and the commitment to coordinate a conference rotates through these areas annually. Do you know anything about the other guilds in your area? We’ve come up with the idea of holding a free group picnic, in a location central to your area, for getting to know one another and just having a good time. This event would be organized through a central CNCH coordinator, and would use input from each guild regarding location and other event planning needs. This idea is under development and we could use input from your membership. There are already some great suggestions such as holding a stash/equipment swap/sale at these events.

More Information

 We’ll be ironing out more details before our next Liaison meeting, but right now it looks like your guild will email info to the central coordinator, who will compile it and keep it updated on the website. Very little trouble to you, and big rewards. We hope you’ll join in!


Study Group Cover Letter

Study Group Guidelines

Presentation Form