2010 Conference Spotlight: Software, Structure, and Design

Posted By CNCH 2010 on December 16, 2009

Software, Structure, and Design So you have a multi-shaft loom, maybe even one with a computer interface, and you don’t feel you have ever really learned to use its full potential. Computers and multi-shaft looms are a match made in heaven. Learn how the design software available today can help you move from inspiration to … » Read the Rest » …

2010 Conference Spotlight: More than Just Black and White

Posted By CNCH 2010 on December 14, 2009

More than Just Black and White: Weaving Beautifully with Neutrals Contrary to what you might think, neutrals can be used to dramatic effect, as well as to create a soft mood. Join Betty Vera in exploring muted colors, blacks, whites, browns, grays, and beiges, and their uses with textured and smooth yarns as well as … » Read the Rest » …

2010 Conference Spotlight: Chatelaine in Tablet Weave

Posted By CNCH 2010 on December 11, 2009

Chatelaine in Tablet Weave Diana Brenna promises that even a beginning tablet weaver can make this beautiful chatelaine neckpiece that will keep your scissors, needles, hooks, and other small tools within easy reach. You’ll enjoy the creative process and finish the workshop with a useful and attractive addition to your fiber accessories. A wide assortment … » Read the Rest » …

Important CNCH 2010 Registration Update

Posted By Ann McDonough on November 6, 2009

There was an issue with the RegOnline, our registration website, during part of the registration process. They did not store the credit card number at the time of the registration so we were not able to process many of the credit card transactions. Two very important notes: This was not the result of a security … » Read the Rest » …

CNCH 2010 registration is now open!

Posted By Ann McDonough on November 1, 2009

CNCH 2010 Santa Clara registration is now open! Please have all of your workshop and class selections ready before you get started. The registration process will only contain workshop and class titles. If you haven’t made your selections yet, please review the registration booklet and fill out the registration form before you get started. Once … » Read the Rest » …

Liaison Luncheon Invite Now Available Online

Posted By Web Manager on August 24, 2009

Calling all liaisons and interested CNCH members.  Remember to get your reservations for the Sept. 26 luncheon in by Sept. 14.  The invite and reservation form is now available here (just click).  Make sure your guild is represented.  If you’re the liaison  and you can’t make it, get a substitute.

Liaison Luncheon is Sept. 26

Posted By Web Manager on July 17, 2009

The CNCH Liaison meeting and luncheon will be Saturday, Sept. 26 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. The 2010 conference committee will have lots of information on next April’s “A World of Creativity” conference. All members of CNCH are welcome to attend, but advance reservations and payment are required. Details and RSVP forms can be … » Read the Rest » …