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Holiday Greetings

The first Christmas card was designed in 1843 as a way for a very busy man to reach out and greet his many friends without having to write a letter to each and every one of them.  The designer and printer thought that it was a one time thing, however the cards caught on and they have been with us ever since.

Lillian Whipple suggested that we feature handwoven Christmas cards in this issue and, between Lillian and Nancy Duncan, I have gathered pictures of many  cards that feature hand weaving.

Enjoy the pictures and get inspired!  It is only August so there is plenty of time for you to design and weave your own Holiday card.  As you can see, these samples have been constructed in many ways using an assortment of weave structures.

If you need more technical information, go to Lillian Whipple’s web site.  She has an article on small handwoven motifs for cards and she also explains how she mounts the weaving to the card.

If you do decide to make your own cards, please send us a picture.  We would love to publish what you do.