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2012 Conference Yardage Exhibit

Cloth has a special place in our textile world, full of possibilities.   No matter if produced on 4 or 40 shafts, “just” yardage, can be a joy to weave and a joy to enhance.  With that in mind, CNCH 2012 will continue the practice of showcasing these unique pieces in the galleries.
There were 13 pieces submitted in 2010 to the yardage exhibit.  Will they all come back in 2012 in another form?  Did you have your own ideas of what could be done with the pieces you saw?

Marlene Golden's prize winning yardage 2010- Photo by Marlene Golden

2010 Yardage Gallery- Photo by Penny Peters

To encourage the return of those pieces from the 2010 exhibit, there is $250 to be awarded in prize money.  So! Those who exhibited in 2010, put on your thinking caps and wow us again!

Wondering if you should submit a piece to the 2012 Yardage Gallery?  Yes!  It can be freeing to think just about the cloth, not the end use.  Concentrating on the fundamentals of weaving, such as sett, beat, selvedges, is what you do in any case.  Have you wanted to try some unusual colors, or stripe sequence, or a structure with which you are unfamiliar?  Or are you a plain weave expert (probably nothing is harder to weave well!)?  The only restrictions are that the cloth be a viable width (18 to 40 inches), a reasonable length (3 to 10 yd) and a bearable weight (less than 10 lbs).

Entering exhibits, putting your work on display can be daunting whether the first or fortieth time.  So why do people do it?  There is a satisfaction on seeing one’s work displayed in a gallery, whether it garners a prize or not.

We are weavers, we design and weave cloth.    It is its own art form!

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