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Fall 2012

Spinning -my original passion with raw fiber!  It all started with my daughter’s 4-H project.  She started with rabbits and soon wanted Angoras-

English Angora

Angoras!?!  She was eight years old and couldn’t brush her own hair successfully!

She talked me into it. I gave us both spinning lessons and we proceeded to buy and breed English Angoras.

She outgrew the project in two or three years, but I was hooked.  I would probably still have those dear bunnies if I hadn’t been so severely allergic to them!

She went on to other activities but I, in the meantime, learned to weave and found my niche.  However, it all started with spinning–something I haven’t done much of in the last decade.

Putting together this issue allowed me to reconnect with the joy of spinning.  I had forgotten what a social activity it is!  The Oakland Conference had several spinning classes that covered techniques unfamiliar to me.  Some of the instructors have  submitted articles to this issue.

Baby Doll Lamb

Baby Alpaca

I also recently attended Spinning Day on the Farm in Healdsburg.  It was a beautiful day with many spinners spinning, several vendors with everything from fleece to equipment and finished yarn for sale, a scrumptious potluck lunch, and, of course, much socializing.

My wheel has again been put in an easily accessible place and is being used much more frequently.  I think it’s time to join a spinning group again.  I think I’ve missed the socializing.

I hope you enjoy this issue of CNCHnet even if you don’t spin.

Judy Fisher, Editor CNCHnet

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