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A Summary 4 Ewe

Hundreds of CNCH members put their noses to the grindstone and gave the Advisory Council very thoughtful feedback on the Conference Survey that was given to liaisons at the 2012 conference. With 76% of the guilds reporting, we learned that most of you ranked 3 to 6 hour seminars/workshops as your highest priority. The remaining categories ranked in the following order: vendors, 1-3 day workshops, galleries, 3 to 6 hour lectures, and the fashion show.

The greatest obstacles that interferes with your attendance is the overall cost of the conference. Neither guild sponsored workshops nor surrounding conferences seem to get in the way.

You would welcome a multimedia approach as long as the emphasis remains on fiber arts. You also requested that our large conference be held on alternate years from HGA Convergence. Another request was to use online registration for future conferences.

What to do with your requests….

Kathleen's committee considering the options

Kathleen’s ride to the committee meeting.

The Advisory Council is moving forward to research the feasibility of placing the large conference on the alternate year of the HGA Convergence. This means that 2015 and 2016 would both be alternate conferences to get us on this new track, if this change is implemented.

Online registration is now the protocol for all future conferences.
Your  wonderful suggestions for classes and  instructors have already been passed on to future conference chairpersons. Your input will make for better conferences. It already did, as much of this input was given to the 2013 committee as the results came in. Many of the classes and instructors you suggested were  there.

We thank each and every one of you for taking the time to give us thoughtful feedback. Each and every survey was read, and the results were tallied by hand. Each suggestion has been recorded and is available to all future conference committees.

As the annual conference comes to your area, give careful consideration to what you can do to volunteer and help make the conference a success. It is your conference, and we are a volunteer organization. Ghandi said it best, “Be the change you wish to see.”

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