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Endnote 8/13

What do you do, or does you guild do, to interest new people in our old arts an crafts? Will our interests die with us or will we pass on a legacy of knowledge and skill?

The above are questions that must pass through our thoughts and, indeed, be of concern to our guilds.

When I go to conference, what I see are mostly women in their sixties and seventies attending.  When I visit various guilds, I see the majority of members in that same age group and I’m one of them.

Therefore, for the winter issue,  I’d like to have articles about what you and your guilds are doing to reach out and find those who will be just as passionate about fiber and fabric as we are.

We’ve covered various events previously, such as Sacramento’s Open House which brings in a large crowds as does Arcata’s Fiber Fair. Are there ongoing projects that you are doing and others could emulate?  How about mentoring, either as an individual or as a guild?  Scholarships can be a big incentive, too. Inquiring minds want to know–and I want to publicize your ideas.

Judy Fisher, editor