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Endnote 8/14

We at CNCHnet central know our reading audience consists of weavers, spinners, knitters, dyers, basket makers and fiber lovers.  What we would like to know is when you began to identify yourself as one or more of the above titles or, even better, as a Fiber Artist.

Some probably knew where their interests would lead them from earliest childhood. Others among us became professionals in other fields: doctors, lawyers, teachers, nurses, etc., before realizing that we really, REALLY, needed to connect with our tactile and artistic interests.

So, tell us about your journey. Was it straight line easy or serendipitous with lots of sampling before deciding what you really wanted to do.

Also, Dear Readers, you may have noticed that CNCHnet has picked up two writer/fiber artists who contribute articles to almost every issue. Thank you, Jill Stanton, for being a frequent contributor on all things basketry and for writing about our talented basket makers. Suyin Stein told me she was interested in being my Roving Reporter (pun intended) and covering events, reviewing new shops and new exhibits–and whatever else caught her fiber interest. The job is hers as long as she wants to do it.

Perhaps you would like to contribute to CNCHnet. I am interested in hearing from you. Let me know what you want to write about–it could be one article, a series, or an ongoing column. It is important to hear what as many of our members as possible want to say. After all, CNCH is a big umbrella organization that covers many fiber artists and lots of territory and a cornucopia of ideas.


Judy Fisher, Editor

editor(at), or jyfisher66(at)