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Fall 2015

 It’s still Summer as I write this but can Fall be far behind? The majority of our guilds recess for the Summer months even though the members may get together for the fun activities of demonstrating at the County Fairs and spinning in parks, wineries, ranches and homes. Dyers will be using the beautiful days to dye outside with no worries about noxious fumes in the house/studio that way!

However, Fall will come and we will be back to our meetings and, mostly, indoor projects.

This issue is heavy with articles about different aspects of weaving starting with how we communicate. There are several articles about the tools we need and use and tips on where we can find them or how we can construct them.

Basket makers take note! Eugenia discusses using your own-or friends- back yards to harvest basketry supplies.  I’m finishing this issue with a first person review of the John C. Campbell Folk School in North Carolina and more information on the 2016 CNCH Conference Field to Fiber.

Read on and Enjoy!

Judy Fisher, Editor


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