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Fall 2016

The primary purpose of the Conference of Northern California Handweavers is “to provide education to the general public in the craft of weaving and to further stimulate public interest in and appreciation of the work and art of hand weaving.”  As Guild members under the auspices of CNCH your guild has that as primary reason for being, also.

Outreach is what we do to fulfill this requirement and Summer time is a prime time for us to do that.  Demonstrating at our County Fairs is an easy way to put ourselves in the public’s eye and many times it is spinning that draws the curious.

With that in mind, this issue has highlighted some very modern spinning wheels—they are so cool that nobody will think of you as an old fashioned girl.  These aren’t your great-grandma’s wheel at all.

Spinning wet line flax

Judith Sorgen spinning wet line flax

Also, for your perusal are three articles on outreach.  First there is the third grade weaving club started by Debra Weltman that has been wildly successful and has pulled in other Guild members to help her.  Then read the history, old and current, of the Mother Lode Weavers and Spinners Guild.  They started as an organization that would teach weaving and bring in new people to become avid fiber fans and they still do it!  Yea for them!   And thirdly, Christina Welch, Co-chair of CNCH2016, explains how the planning committee went about involving the city of Modesto in the activities surrounding the conference.  This is great template for future conferences!

And that’s not all folks! Sarah H. Jackson explains how, by using your sample you can correctly determine the amount of shrinkage you will have on your weaving projects.  Wendy Chavin went to England and managed to get invitations to visit two silk weaving workshops and brought back pictures and samples of their work.   And it’s not too early to consider what you want to take at CNCH2017.   Donna LaValle  has listed all of the instructors and what they will be teaching.   Make your plans now and mark your calendar so you can get the courses that you want.

Enough from me. Time to actually read this issue of CNCHnet.

Judy Fisher, Editor

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