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Weaving Resources on Facebook … no really, Facebook!

When you think of the Internet behemoth, Facebook, I’ll wager you think of it as a place for cat videos, political arguments and/or a place where your kids and grandkids go to connect with their friends, and probably with little available for your interests.  If you are a weaver, SURPRISE! There are many pages and groups dedicated to various aspects of weaving, that might change your mind.

Perhaps there is also some fear, when signing into something like Facebook of becoming inundated with advertising and content from people and groups you have no wish to receive.  To avoid that, after creating an account on Facebook, make sure you go through all the privacy help and information under the question mark sign on the upper right of your FB page.

Once you have created a Facebook account, you can explore the many pages and groups dedicated to weaving.  They are all closed groups, which means you have to ask to join.  These groups wish to maintain a membership of like-minded folks, and to keep out unnecessary advertising spam and trolls.  When you are creating your Facebook account, make sure you have either pictures or information on your profile that you are a weaver.

The groups are dedicated to specific topics and their goals are listed.  Once you join, you can scroll through the postings, look at the videos and files the administrators have posted for that group, and ask questions of the many members on topics for the group.  After being accepted into a group, there is a more detailed description of the group, and the groups rules, to the right of the page.  The focus descriptions are taken from the pages.  Click on the name of the group to find its place on Facebook.

There are other groups relating to fiber arts, and some more on weaving, but I’ll leave you to discover those!

4-Shaft Weavers Where weavers of all experience levels may learn and grow together.
8-Shaft Weavers Specifically dedicated to questions and information on 8-shaft looms
Strickler in Color Color photos of patterns from the book “A Weaver’s Book of 8 Shaft Patterns, from
the Friends of Handwoven”, edited by Carol Strickler to supplement the book.
Marguerite P. Davison in Color Supplement for both of Davison’s books- A Handweaver’s Pattern Book and her
Handweaver’s Source Book. Lets share our color photos of projects that were made
from both of Davison’s books.
Weaver’s Study Group The Weaving Study Group will be a place for experienced weavers to explore a
variety of weaving structures. If you are a beginning weaver, this group will NOT
provide you with the guidance that you need.
Weaving Pattern Designs This group is for discussing weaving drafts as well as modifying and designing drafts.
All interested in weaving welcome!
Sewing for Weavers We love weaving but we also love to sew with our handwoven fabric! This is a group
to share woven and sewn items and to help and inspire one another.
Complex Weavers Complex Weavers is an international organization for weavers who want to delve
deeper than plain weave, who are always curious to know more, and who love to
share their interests with other weavers through our Journal, study groups, and
Weaving Software On topic discussion group focused on the many weaving software programs for
windows, Mac, and tablets. Designing for looms with 2 or more shafts. Also
card/tablet weaving, inkle looms, pickup and drawlooms. Programs to consider
include: Fiberworks, pixeLoom, ProWeave, WeaveDesign, WeaveIt, WeaveMaker,
WeavePoint, iWeaveIt, Wif ‘n Proof and more.


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