CNCHnet . . . The Textile Arts Webzine of the Conference of Northern California Handweavers

Thinking Ahead…

The current issue of CNCHnet was a challenge to put together, with the month of December, which contains more than its share of parties and events to attend and obligations to fulfill, in the middle of the preparation time.  In spite of that, I think we managed to put together a full and interesting issue.

This is the fourth issue of CNCHnet, which completes its first year of existence. During this year I have clarified and refined what my ideas are for the publication through hearing from our readers and by examining other quarterly journals. I’m always interested in your ideas for features and articles.

For the next issue, coming out in May,  the theme will be two-fold.  I’m looking for articles on the many ways of weaving.  Can you write an article about your favorite way of weaving?  If you love to use a rigid heddle loom, tell us why.  The same goes for inkle, backstrap, tapestry, table, floor, dobby, computerized and jacquard  looms, or any of the many variations I might have missed.

I also would like to publish some articles on embellishing your work.  The basketmakers seem to embrace embellishment with gusto.  Sometimes, those of us who use a loom to produce our work forget that even when we have finished weaving, the work is not done.  Sometimes we need to add something or manipulate the material to make our precious fabric stand out.  Tell us how you approach this and what you do. Don’t forget, pictures are worth a thousand words.

If you have an idea, but don’t think it fits into the above categories, let me know.  Not everything needs to be a perfect fit to be published.

Judy Fisher, Editor