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Spring 2012

From the Editor’s Desk:

This issue of CNCHnet is concentrating on felt.  My guess is that felt has been around longer than yarn and weaving, knitting or crocheting.  After all, dampness and agitation are usually enough to felt animal fibers.   At least one origin story about felt concerns people stuffing wool in their boots to help prevent blisters and ending up with felted socks!

Felt is used to build houses–think of yurts and, a more modern use, roofing felt– and to help keep us cozy indoors with felted rugs and felted slippers.  It can be made so that it is suitable for clothing and firm enough to hold up as footwear and headgear.

The articles that follow are only a taste of what can be done with felting.  I would love to do more on the subject.  So, if you do nuno felting, or you knit and shrink to make thick and durable bags and art pieces, or if you do needle felting either by hand or with an embellisher, I invite you to share your art and your knowledge.

I’m not forgetting those of you who recycle wool sweaters into new uses!  Share what you have done.

This issue also introduces a new column, Tips, Tricks and Techniques. I would bet that all of us have come up with ways of doing what we love easier, better and cheaper than the ‘correct’ way.  This is your chance to tell the world–and it doesn’t have to be a whole article.  One or two paragraphs with pictures will do the trick.






Lastly, for those of you who haven’t noticed, I’m now linking the articles so it is easier to browse the whole edition.


Judy Fisher, Editor

editor(at) cnch. org

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