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Spring 2014

Believe it or not, this is our Spring issue- even though Northern California has yet to have Winter!  Articles in this issue cover the gamut of the fiber journey.  We have articles about new, to us, sheep and follow the fiber to a fashion show featuring locally produced fabrics by local artists and high-end hats produced by local milliners.

Also, the Guilds are buzzing with activity getting ready for the April Conference, Branch Out with Fibers.  Be sure to read the Notes from the Tree and Scholarship Raffle articles for updates and changes and deadlines for entries.  Most importantly, sign up for the Conference!

In the Fall 2013 issue, we had a guild history from Golden Gate Weavers, the oldest of our Guilds.  This month’s history is from Central Coast Weavers who have recently joined the CNCH family, even though they have been around for fifty years.  We would like to publish all the Guilds’ histories, so dust off those scrapbooks,  look through those old files and compile your story.

Right now, take a break and enjoy this issue.  Then it will be time to finish your your conference entries and prepare for your Oakland weekend.  I’ll see you there!


Judy Fisher, editor



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