Endnote 2/14

Where is your studio? Is it in a spare room or the corner of your family room?  Maybe you took over the garage or a building on your property or maybe you found space in a funky building that houses other artists.

Studios come in all shapes, sizes and locations. Some are makeshift and others have been designed by you.  The real question is how do you utilize them?  Do you have a set schedule or do you work when the muse moves you? 

Do you wait for an inspiration or do you actively search for ideas that inspire you?

Have you developed Studio Rules to help you make the most of your space?

For the next issue, I’m asking you to share your studio and the ways you keep yourself motivated and your creative process active.  What do you do when you think you have run out of ideas?  Where do your ideas come from?  Do you work best when undisturbed or do you need to bounce ideas off of others?  Inquiring minds want to know—

Judy Fisher, editor