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CNCH 2015 “Immerse Yourself in Fiber” Update

Hello conference registrants!

Time will fly and suddenly you’ll be at Asilomar, April 9-12, to soak up the serene ambiance, become immersed in learning, and hang out with inspiring fellow participants! We can’t wait! As we focus in on the details of our conference, we’d like to update you:

The great news is that, due to the fantastic response to our conference, we have re-negotiated with Asilomar and obtained Merrill Hall. This large, beautiful building will be our central location, for everything


Merril Hall

Our goal has always been to keep things fun and informal. If you plan to bring something for the Fashion Show (to be worn by you or another conference-goer) just wear it to Thursday’s event. You’ll fill out in information card, to be read from the podium as you do a little step-n-twirl. Remember, if you made it, you can show it! No rules! Bring Gallery and Un-Gallery items to registration so we can create superb displays.

As always, we’re counting on YOU to contribute to the Scholarship/Grant Fundraiser! This year’s theme is a container of any sort. Folks have asked whether the whole thing has to be hand-made, or just, say, the embellishment. Another question: how strict is the container rule, can it go so far as a hand-made book, which can contain your thoughts & dreams? The answer to these and all other questions is, YES! We are extremely flexible about our suggestions!

Anything goes

Anything goes

We’re now in the process of sending class lists to our illustrious instructors, who will use them to contact you directly, so watch your in-boxes. We’ll also be sending out a general email to all registrants with some small reminders.

We can’t wait to share our beautiful Asilomar Conference grounds with you! See you in April!

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