CNCHnet . . . The Textile Arts Webzine of the Conference of Northern California Handweavers

Endnote 2/16

I’m writing this in January and that makes me think of Janus, the two-faced Roman god who is the god of beginnings and transitions and also of gates,doors,doorways,endings and time.

For the next issue, with Janus in mind, I’m asking you, dear readers, thinkers and fiber artists, to think about our past.

Who were the people who taught and encouraged you in your fiber forays? Tell us about them . Who do you consider a giant in the fiber field? Who do you miss now that they are gone?

And, looking forward, tell us about new ways to do things, new developments in science,and new equipment that will effect us fiber folks.

Weavers are doing what has been done from the dawn of time- certainly before reading, writing and modern communication. Well, yes and no. We certainly are entwining fibers in some way — but there have been changes in equipment and materials. How about some articles on these newest things?

I hope you have enjoyed this issue of CNCHnet and are inspired to write and submit an article for the next issue.

Judy Fisher, Editor