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Summer 2013

This issue of CNCHnet marks the start of the fourth year of publishing our online magazine. “Time flies when you’re having fun!” according to an old and often repeated saw -and I think it’s true. The last three years have been fun and they have passed quickly.  Our readership is steadily increasing as all of us become more computer adept and have learned to live with and take advantage of the perks and wonders of the 21st century.

Since this issue is our Summer offering, I tried to get more articles on fiber projects that would be portable and might be easily done outside. I was partially successful-macrame, textile painting, basketry and dryer balls can all be done on the deck. So can crochet, however, the crochet featured within is museum quality work and I put it in for it’s “Wow!” factor and as a way to stimulate thinking ‘outside the box’ in your own work.

Peggy Osterkamp’s article on how she approaches the creative process and, even better, how she has done her ruffled pieces gives us food for thought and reminds us that a piece isn’t done when it is taken off the loom.  The finishing steps are what set the weaving apart.

And, for those of you who feel like you are drowning in your own stash,  I’ve added ideas for organizing – at least some of it.

Now is a good time to sit back and enjoy this current issue.  I hope to see many of you at Squaw Valley in a few weeks.

Judy Fisher, Editor

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