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Summer 2014

 A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.  Virginia Woolf

Virginia was right, but I’d like to expand on that.  A room of one’s own is important for either sex if a person wants to explore and expand their creativity.  This room, at least among the arts, is referred to as a STUDIO. 

Yes, a studio can be where you work–a corner of your dining room table, a cool place in your backyard or an area found in your basement.  Also, classes, workshops and demonstrations can function as temporary studios, BUT a dedicated piece of real estate that has a door that can be closed, storage for your supplies and comfortable work areas with good lighting is the holy grail.

This issue looks at several types of work spaces including rethinking space to find a studio, a cowboy hat workshop, going to Guatemala to teach new techniques to creative women there, and even has an article on studio tips. I hope you enjoy what we have gathered. 

I’d love to have your feedback and to know how you find the time and space to create.

Judy Fisher, Editor


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