CNCHnet . . . The Textile Arts Webzine of the Conference of Northern California Handweavers

Endnote 5/15


Our Fall issue of CNCHnet may appeal mostly to weavers. What they do tends to be equipment heavy and, for some reason, the equipment seems to be very expensive. Therefore, I’d like to dedicate the Fall issue to the PARSIMONIOUS WEAVER.

I want to know where and how you cut corners. What do you do, what do you buy and how do you get what you need without spending a large amount of your hard earned cash?  After all, what we really want to buy is yarn!  A really neat loom!  A piece of equipment that is, truly, what you need!  Umm, maybe you have a wish list for equipment and supplies.

The real question is,” What are your cheapskate purchases that allow you to practice your art economically?”

I have my list and I’ve approach several other weavers (Asilomar was a good place to ask about ideas!) and I think I have several interesting leads. Why don’t you contact me with your favorite cheapskate idea?

In the mean time, enjoy the current issue of CNCHnet.


Judy Fisher, Editor, CNCHnet