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Winter 2013

Winter isn’t here yet but, with the days growing shorter and the temperature dropping, we all know that it is just around the corner. This issue of CNCHnet is ignoring the change of seasons.  Instead, we are reporting on what some of us did during the Summer hiatus.

Traveling was a popular activity and I have three stories about combining faraway places with our textile passions.
Also, outreach activities are popular during the summer. Fairs and demonstrations abound.  Read how some guilds reach out and share.  And then there are the ongoing projects that help preserve our history for later generations.

If this all sounds too strenuous, kick back and read the book review –about a basket maker– but so interesting that, even if you don’t much care for baskets, you will be intrigued with this story and want to read more.

My hope is that we have articles that will be of interest to all our readers.  Let me know what you would like to see published. 

And–don’t forget-Conference Registration opens Friday, November 1st, 2013 on


Judy Fisher, Editor



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