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Endnote 11/13

The ability to turn basic fibers into fantastic creations must seem like alchemy to some people.  Admittedly, the process takes time and the learning curve can seem rigorous. How do you tackle a project?  Do you map it all out before you begin? Do you start with small projects and add complexity as you become more adept?  How do you build up your skill level?

Years ago, I had a friend who became very interested in Navajo weaving.  She read about it, took a workshop or two, drew out a design and had her husband construct a Navajo style loom for her.  The loom sat–empty–for several years. When I asked her about it, she said the challenge was figuring out how to do it.  She didn’t need to weave it anymore.

Then, there are those people who become enamored with weaving and do sample after sample.  They probably develop a very high skill level.  I’m curious as to why I don’t see the next step–a bigger project using those skills.  Are the samples enough?

So, tell me how you weave and why you weave and what keeps you interested.  Then tell me what you want to make and how you approach a project.  Tell me about your victories and your failures. Yes, your failures, too.  We’ve all had them and they can be instructive.  It’s important that others know that anybody, even the best and most prolific weavers, can have disasters, too.

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Judy Fisher, Editor